Unemployment Insurance Benefits Estimator

The purpose of this page is to provide quick reference for determining your approximate potential benefit amounts, if you were to file your claim this week. Please note that the benefit amounts are only an approximation presented for illustration purposes only. This estimate is neither a claim nor a guarantee of benefits. To get an accurate estimation, please refer to pay stub(s) and/or Form W-2(s) you have received from your employer(s). If you refer to a Form W-2, you may need to convert your Gross Pay from a yearly total amount to quarterly amounts based on when you were paid.
Enter your approximate  gross wages  for ALL employers per quarter. Do not enter any dollar sign ($) or commas (,) while entering the amount.
Wage Details for Quarter/Year
Base Period Quarters Base Period Wages
(in Dollars $)
From  October 01, 2021  until  December 31, 2021
From  July 01, 2021  until  September 30, 2021
From  April 01, 2021   until  June 30, 2021
From  January 01, 2021  until  March 31, 2021
From  October 01, 2020   until  December 31, 2020