File Appeal

There are three pages for filing an appeal. Make sure you review each one as follows:

1. After clicking the OK button on this message, you will be directed to the File Appeal Page 1 of 3, where you will provide the information necessary to file an appeal.

2. Review your information on Page 2 of 3. If you need to change anything, click Modify Information at the bottom of the screen to be taken back to Page 1 of 3, where you can make the changes you desire. Once you have reviewed and made any changes to your information, click File Appeal at the bottom of Page 2 of 3. IF YOU DO NOT CLICK FILE APPEAL, YOUR APPEAL HAS NOT BEEN FILED.

3. Once you have clicked File Appeal, Page 3 of 3 will be displayed to confirm that the appeal was filed. Print a copy of this page and keep it for your records. If the confirmation page does not appear, then your appeal was not filed.